Wipeout: Democrats Drub Republicans Across the Country

In Georgia, Democrats picked up two state legislative seats in special elections; And in Maine, a ballot initiative to expand Medicaid in the state easily passed.

Add it all up, and you can clearly see that the political winds are at Democrats’ backs right now, on the same day when two more House Republicans announced their retirements. In Virginia, 57 percent of voters said they disapproved of Trump’s job performance, according to exit polling in the state. Read More

Who got to her? Brazile suddenly changes tune on DNC ‘rigging’ for Hillary

Was the 2016 Democratic Party primary process between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders a “fair” fight? “I believe it was,” said former Democratic National Committee interim chair Donna Brazile, who was suddenly singing a very different tune Tuesday in an interview with CBS. In her new book released Tuesday, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins [… Read More

Trump forced to abandon surprise trip to DMZ due to weather

Trump was forced to abandon a planned trip to the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea on Wednesday.

Trump and his team and a small group of reporters began the trek to the DMZ in a group of helicopters, but turned back about 25 minutes into the journey because of low visibility. The president and his aides waited for nearly an hour for the weather to clear before finally deciding to scrap the trip. Read More