Former Spokesman: Hillary ‘May Have Known’ About Dossier

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign spokesman said Wednesday that the former secretary of state “may have known” about the dossier assembled on President Donald Trump.

“Oh I don’t know, I don’t know, I haven’t spoken to her,” Brian Fallon said after he was asked on CNN if Clinton knew about the research, which The Washington Post reported on Tuesday night was partly funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Read More

Hillary & Fake News ‘Won’t Be Sleeping Well Tonight’: Hannity Teases Details of “Tick Tock. BOOM” Report

The Gateway Pundit previously asked if Fox News host Sean Hannity and WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange were up to something. On October 8th, Hannity tweeted his famous “Tick Tock,” warning — but this time — with a twist, including a 7 day countdown. One week later, Assange followed up with his own cryptic tweet.  “T Minus 7 […] The post appeared first on The Gateway Pundit. Read More

Hillary Clinton reportedly considering professor role at Columbia University

The former Secretary of State and first lady is reportedly in talks with the Ivy League school to take on a formal role with the university.

Clinton could potentially be deemed a “University Professor” at the famed New York institution, a position that would permit her to lecture in multiple departments and schools but without a specific course restriction, a source told The News. Read More